Regnum Christi College life

Small Groups


Small group Bible studies are a key way to grow deeper in your friendship with Christ. Reflecting on scripture together with friends helps us gain support and others' experience of God, come out of ourselves to share what God has done in our own lives, and helps us be accountable to faith filled friends we know and trust. Using the "Encounter with Christ" format helps us delve into the words and example of Jesus in the Gospels, and also address important cultural issues in our society.



Our Lord often called his disciples away to a quiet place to pray and spend time with Him. Because Christians are called to be in the world but not of it, we need to retreat from the world amidst our busy and noisy lives to rest our souls in the solace that on Christ can give. It could be a half-day, or a full weekend retreat. This time spent in prayer and recollection will help know God's will better and empower you to follow it with faith, hope and love.



The life of a Christian is both contemplative and conquering. Once we've received God's grace through prayer and the sacraments, once we've gone deep in getting to know Christ through scripture in small groups, then we must "go out to all the world and tell the Good News". We can be missionaries to people in distant countries or to those in need in our own cities. How will you respond to Christ's call to be his missionary?

Spiritual Direction


Seek the advice of a good spiritual director. In our Christian vocation we need a spiritual coach of sorts that will guide and affirm us in our good endeavors, or call us out when we begin to stray. We are usually not the best judge of our own case, so the objective perspective a spiritual director can help us stay the course of growing in holiness by knowing, loving and doing God's will.



PHOENIXVILLE, PA "Encounter with Christ" group

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ST JOSEPH's UNIVERSITY "Encounter with Christ" group

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GROUP, WAYNE, PA "Encounter with Christ" group

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Drexel University

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Temple University

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Westchester University

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