ENcounter with Christ

How to lead a small group


Opening Prayer

 The team leader starts the opening prayer 

V/ Come Holy Spirit

R/ Fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love.

V/ Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.

R/ And you renew the face of the earth.

V/ Let us pray, Lord you have taught the hearts of your faithful by sending them the light of your Holy Spirit. Grant us in that same Spirit to know what is truly right and to rejoice always in his consolation. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

R/ Amen.

V/ Hail Mary…

V/ “Christ our King!” 

R/ “Thy Kingdom Come!”

V/ “Queen of Apostles”

R/ “Pray for us” In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



 One of the participants reads the Gospel passage from the next coming Sunday’s liturgy. Since it is the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will speak to each person's heart during the reading.  After an appropriate period of reflection, members are invited to share their own lights from the Holy Spirit in relation to this Gospel passage. 



Case study

Choice of case : Participants present cases they would like to share, pointing out the virtues present in their case. The case proposal is like a commercial preview of the case. As cases are presented, it is extremely important to bear in mind that the cases must be actions (“A person did x”). Case proposal 1, Case proposal 2, Case proposal 3 Etc... . After cases are presented, the team votes on which case to study based on its relevance to the needs of the team, and current societal issues. 

From Mater et Magestra, Pope John XXIII, 1961 : “There are three stages which should normally be followed in discussing social principles and putting them into practice. First, one reviews the concrete situation; secondly, one forms a judgment on it in the light of these same principles; thirdly, one decides what action can and should be done to implement these principles. These are the three stages that are usually expressed in the three terms: look, judge, act. It is important for our young people to grasp this method and to practice it. Knowledge acquired in this way does not remain merely abstract, but is seen as something that must be translated into action.” 


The member whose case was chosen expands on it, so that all the facts are presented highlighting causes, consequences, the dilemma or problem, and the elements pointing out key virtues. Then, other members may offer similar cases, especially those with comparable displays of virtue, and not limited to cases with similar circumstances. We look at why things happen as they did. What are the causes of these actions? What positive or negative consequences do these actions provoke?


We analyze the case through the eyes of our culture, and then, through the eyes of Christ. Use texts, the words of Christ, or parallel situations in the New Testament. Note human or Christian virtues important to the case or RC core convictions and practical principles that shed light on the situation. 


Having looked at the case with Christ, we then adopt Christ’s attitude and actions as our own. This leads to the next part of the Encounter with Christ...



 Based on this case (or on the gospel passage) how are we are going to act differently personally and as a group?

  1. Personal resolutions
  2. Group resolution

Members propose resolutions, based on the case and parallel cases. These are normally voted on to determine one team apostolic resolution for the week ahead. Apostolic resolutions should be both contemplative and conquering, and have the goal of impacting the world around us through the virtue involved. They should be concrete, so that one can objectively measure their fulfillment. 


Closing Prayer

The participants join the team leader in the closing prayer.

V/ “We give you thanks for all your gifts Almighty God, you who live and reign forever and ever”“Christ our King!” 

R/ “Thy Kingdom Come!”

V/ “Queen of Apostles”

R/ Pray for us” In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.