Mercy Missions


Mercy Missions Liasion Katie Keating

Mercy Mission is rooted in the call of Christ to “Go out and make disciples of all men.” We believe that awakening the individual to their innate dignity and worth transforms not only the individual, but creates a more Christian and loving society. 

We seek to serve  the poor and abandoned just as He did while he carried out  his mission on earth. Mercy Missions seeks to imitate the ways of Christ, facilitate opportunities for all men and women to transform and be transformed by living the spiritual and corporal acts of mercy.

Mission Sites

The Community Center at Visitation


The Community Center at Visitation provides comprehensive programs including  a Healthy Initiative Food Pantry, Wellness Clinic,
Scripture Sharing, ESL, Sports and Child Programs, Community Clothing Closet  and Meals. All of our Programs are in need of volunteers and supports.

Drexel Neumann Academy


Empowered by the lives of St Katherine Drexel and St John Neumann, DNA is committed to providing academic excellence in elementary education in a multicultural enriched environment. DNA opened its doors in providing the ONLY catholic alternative for education in Chester, PA.
DNA strives to celebrate the dignity and unique gifts of each child. We invite you to share your gifts of reading or music to enhance their academic programs. 

Mothers Home


Located in Darby, PA Mothers Home
provides housing, medical assistance education, life skill classes and  support for homeless women who are pregnant. With an emphasis on community living in a family atmosphere, Mothers’ Home empowers individuals to choose life for their child and transform their own lives by developing the skills and mechanisms for healthy and happy parenting.