THANK YOU for taking your time to volunteer and for all of the time spent obtaining these necessary clearances to keep everyone safe and ensure that we may continue our good work. 


For Mission Youth send to:

For ECYD send to

RC Activities Certificate

RC Activities Certificate

RC Activities Certificate

10 Minutes

A Regnum Christi volunteer certification and registration.

PA Criminal Record Check

RC Activities Certificate

RC Activities Certificate

PA State police criminal record check

5 Minutes

Click the link below. Click on “Record Check” under the heading to begin. Follow through to the end of the process to print a complete certificate. The “No Record Found” page is not acceptable. It is the user's responsibility to double click on the control number. This will open a new screen, click on the blue hyper-link, "Certification Form" near the center of the page. A form will be displayed in PDF format with a seal.  Renewal required every five (5) years. 

CHIld Abuse CLearance

RC Activities Certificate

Federal Criminal Background

PA Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Clearance Check 

5 Mins + Retrieve in a few days

You can get an e-clearance on their website (takes several days) or can be sent by U.S. mail. (Be careful as it comes in a very non-descript envelope. Takes several weeks.)

Please check back on the site in one to two weeks to retrieve the clearance. Download and email to us. 

Renewal is required every five (5) years. Cost: free for volunteers once every 5 yrs

Federal Criminal Background

Federal Criminal Background

Federal Criminal Background

 Federal Criminal Background Check aka fingerprinting

Making an appt: 3 Mins

Fingerprinting appt: 10 Mins

Processing time for results: 1-2 weeks

Required for all volunteers who have lived outside PA at all in the past 10 years. This includes college students.

Volunteers must make an appt or walk into an Identogo facility for fingerprints. This service code is required for registering: 1KG6Y3 code for (PDE) Pennsylvania Dept of Education Volunteers. 

Cost: $23

If  in the last ten years you have ONLY lived in PA, then you do not need a background check, but you are required to have a Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers

Renewal is required every five (5) years. 

SAFE Environment Session

Federal Criminal Background

Mandated Reporter Clearance

aka VIRTUS Training 

This includes one 2.5 hour session to inform you on how to interact with youth in order to keep them safe and to keep you protected. 

Follow the link below to register for the next available SAFE Environment Session, available at various locations around the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

Please email us your proof of attendance. In order to receive credit for a live session, there must be both: a.) an online registration, and also b.) a participant signature within the attendance verification sheet at the session. After the session has been conducted, the attendance sheet is often sent to a diocesan office and reviewed by a diocesan representative within two weeks. 

If you are volunteering before the session is taking place, please send us a copy of the confirmation for the session you will be attending. 

Mandated Reporter Clearance

Federal Criminal Background

Mandated Reporter Clearance

 2 hours

Login for a online training session. Check your email JUNK folder to confirm your email address. Login. Find "Training Selection" and then click on the online training session  Mandatory Reporter of Suspected Child Abuse : Safe Environment Part II ("Mandated Reporter Training").  C


Once you complete all three modules of the Mandated Reporter Session online, send your Certificate of Completion (along with your reservation for the SAFE Environment session you will be attending, if you have not already attended a SAFE Environment Session). 


What if my clearances/checks/requirements/sessions are taking place after have not been delivered in time for my volunteer opportunity? 

You need to send us confirmation that you have requested that clearance or check or that you are registered for a SAFE environment session in the future.